Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cute nostalgia! Twinkle comic for girls

Oh my goodness! It's been a while since the last post because of two things: 1. We got a puppy and foolishly thought it wouldn't be that difficult, and 2. one week after getting her I got a cold that left me totally fatigued! Urgh! But the weather's perking up and so have I! Today I want to share with you a collection of Twinkle comics I found on eBay. Twinkle was discontinued in around 2004 I think (not sure) but as a wee nipper in the 90's my Grandma used to have several issues waiting for me as a gift whenever I visited. Obviously when I found the eBay listing I could not resist and here they are!

The illustrations are so cute! (but the lack of diverse races represented sort of irks me now but that's for another blog!) I'm thinking of selecting a few panels and getting them blown up and printed on canvas to hang in my daughter's bedroom. Cute and vintage!

But THEN! Look at this summer fashion spread from the July 13th 1991 issue! I wanna dress this cool now!

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